Welcome, Maridel Perdomo!

Four months ago, on November 28, 2016, Maridel Perdomo  accepted our offer to become the next Director of Winn Brook Child Care. We missed the opportunity to celebrate that arrival on our webpage so are using the start of spring to correct that omission! Ms. Perdomo came to Winn Brook after a successful stint as the leader of a large, complex program operated by the Boston YMCA and located at the Gardner Pilot Academy in Allston. Prior to that, she was the director of the Pine Village (bilingual) Preschool in Cambridge and worked for several years in a variety of programs operated by Centro Latino, Inc. in Chelsea. A native of Caracas, Venezuela, Ms. Perdomo has earned the admiration of children, parents and staff in her prior work environments.

One recommendation, from a former employee stood out and made it clear why she should be asked to join us. This employee described her as an “inspirational leader and the best boss (this person) has ever had … super organized … extremely hard working … wonderful relationship with children, who feel loved, cared for and listened to … strong at bringing the community together … creative and innovative program leader”. We are thrilled that our offer was accepted and that she has made such a positive contribution to our program in such a short time. We wish you a belated welcome, Maridel, and look forward to finishing the year with exciting activities for students and staff!

Maridel Perdomo, Director of Winn Brook Child Care

Maridel Perdomo, Director of Winn Brook Child Care

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