Website PictureWinn Brook Extended Learning (WBExL) provides high quality before- and after-school programming for children in the Winn Brook School population, kindergarten through fourth grade.  If additional spaces in the program remain, they will be open to children of the same age group within the Belmont School District. WBExL offers supervised and staff-directed activities that aim to enhance children’s educational, social physical and emotional development.

The philosophy of the program dictates that the needs of the children come first, but that the special circumstances of parents/families using the program are also considered. It is a goal of the program to treat each child individually, so long as the accommodation of individual needs can be accomplished without harm to the overall health of the program. WBExL recognizes the various needs of children of different ages and stages of development and uses those variations as the basis for the program’s curriculum.

Winn Brook Extended Learning Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is led by chair Kara Morin. The parent-based advisory group works on behalf of the before and after school program and in collaboration with Dr. Paul Stein, executive director of Schools for Children, and Maridel Perdomo, director of Winn Brook Extended Learning. Both sit as active members of the council. All members were recommended to the Schools for Children Board of Trustees and were elected by unanimous vote prior to the start of the current school year.

Current members are Nancy Elkas, Natalie Leino, Jessica Mutch, Ruchi Pinisetti  and Nitin Sonawane. We are delighted to have their active support in making our program such a wonderful resource for our Winn Brook Extended Learning children and families. We invite parents to reach out to any member of the council to share ideas, offer suggestions and/or have program features explained and clarified.

Winn Brook Extended Learning Center is a program of Schools for Children, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to creating and managing great schools and educational services.