Online Resources

WBExL offers online activities for students as a way to encourage children to continue learning through play, even after the school day ends. These are WBExL “staff-led” activities that include games, art projects, science experiments, language lessons, cooking videos, and more. These activities are updated continually and are free to access.







Foreign Language



Just for Fun





Doodle Art with Ms. Adamianbutton<<

Doodle Art with Ms. Adamian 2button<<

Combo Art Projectbutton<<

Finger Print Artbutton<<

Painting Flowersbutton<<

Homemade bubbles with Ms. Jennabutton<<

Art Project With Liz Cohenbutton<<

Traditional Chinese Dancebutton<<

3D Art with Ms. Fitzsimmonsbutton<<

Tulip Art with Ms. Saintalisebutton<<

Art with Ms. Binitabutton<<


Baklava with Ms. Silvabutton<<

5 Minute Ice Creambutton<<

WBExL Cooking Club: Biscuitsbutton<<


Chicken with Ms. Michellebutton<<

Oven Fried Chicken Recipebutton<<

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream with Liz button<<

Mini-Quiches Recipebutton<<

Mini-Quiches with Ms. Michellebutton<<

Banana Bread with Ms. Penningtonbutton<<

Oven Fried Chicken and French Friesbutton<<

Cornbread with Mr. Nelsonbutton<<

Scallion Pancakesbutton<<

Making Harry Potter Butter-Beer with Ms. Francescabutton<<

Cooking Project with Ms. Francesca Part I button<<

Cooking Project with Ms. Francesca Part IIbutton<<

Baklava with Ms. Silvabutton<<

Mr. Nelson’s Easy Recipe for Crusty Homemade Breadbutton<<


Flower Cans with Ms. Cindybutton<<

Flowers with Ms. Linda C.button<<

Fun Indoor Ideas with Ms. Saintalisebutton<<

Art with Ms. Saintalisebutton<<

Puka Shell Necklacebutton<<

City Planningbutton<<

Pine Cone with Ms. Cindybutton<<

Quarantine Scrapbookbutton<<

Rain Stick Craftsbutton<<

Mobile with Ms. Fitzsimons 1/3button<<

Mobile with Ms. Fitzsimons 2/3button<<

Mobile with Ms. Fitzsimons 3/3button<<

Mobile with Ms. Fitzsimons – Directionsbutton<<

Lentil Art with Ms. Binitabutton<<

Paper Airplane with Mr. Thomas button<<

Stained Glass with Ms. Jennabutton<<

Flower Cans with Ms. Cindybutton<<

Knitting with Ms. Binitabutton<<

Toilet Paper Monster with Ms. Francesca button<<

Make a Puzzle with Ms. Jenna button<<

Origami Bookmark with Ms. Francescabutton<<

Paper Towel Roll Craft Project with Ms. Yanbutton<<

Embroidering with Ms. Binitabutton<<

Flowers with Ms. Linda C.button<<

Flowers with Ms. Jennabutton<<

Stick Teepees with Ms. Taylorbutton<<

Cindy’s Bottle Cap Projectbutton

Stress Ballbutton<<


“I AM” Poem by Ms. Taylorbutton<<

Writing Prompts with Ms Shirabutton<<

How to write – Story Structurebutton<<

Poem readings with Mr. Nelsonbutton<<

Foreign Language<<

Russian ABC’s with Ms. Shirabutton<<

Spanish Lesson 2button<<

Spanish Lesson 3button<<

Spanish Lesson 4button<<

Spanish Lesson 5button<<

Spanish Lesson 6button<<

Chinese Lesson 1button<<

Chinese Lesson 2button<<

Chinese lesson 3button<<

Music with Ms. Espinoza (2)button<<

Music with Ms. Espinoza (3)button<<


Letter Search button<<

Debate for Kids with Ms. Angelina button<<

Ballon Activity with Ms. Linda M.button<<

Sonya’s Wood Thrush Gamebutton<<

Harry Potter Trivia with Ms. Lizbutton<<

Manny’s Note to Familiesbutton<<

Public Forum Debate with Ms. Angelinabutton<<

Card Games with Ms. Angelinebutton<<


Virtual Tours & Live camsbutton<<

Just for fun<<

Fun with Riddles with Ms. Binitabutton<<

Funny Friday May 1stbutton<<

Jokes with Ms. Adamianbutton<<

Do the Hokie Pokie with Ms. Cowiebutton<<

Angelina’s Message to Families button<<


Rosemary’s Note to Familiesbutton<<

Patricias Note to Familiesbutton<<

Patricias Note 4/27button<<

Garage Bandbutton<<

Patricias Note to Families 5/11button<<

Patricias Note to Families 5/11 Visual Cardsbutton<<


Book Recs with Shirabutton<<

Story Time with Rosemarybutton<<

Story time Jokes with Ms. Cowiebutton<<

Over the Rainbow with Ms. Cowiebutton<<

Oh, A-Hunting we will go with Ms. Cowiebutton<<


Science with Mr. Nelsonbutton<<

Science Project with Ms. Linda C button<<

Science Project with Ms. Linda C 2button<<

Dry Erase Experiment with Ms. Linda C.button<<

Invisible Ink with Ms. Jennabutton<<